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Calendula, Comfrey & Lavender Salve

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This salve is great on minor skin irritations such as: scrapes, cuts, burns, rashes, bug bites

Olive and Almond Oils infused with Calendula, Comfrey & Lavender,
Tea Tree Oil
Lemongrass Oil

CALENDULA : antiseptic, promotes healing of burns, cuts, skin irritations, soothes dry, chapped skin, soothes inflamed tissues, and reduces pain.

COMFREY soothes and heals inflamed tissues, helps reduce swelling. It also helps to heal wounds, burns

LAVENDER great for healing cuts, wounds and sun damaged skin. Antiseptic properties disinfect Soothing when applied to insect bites and stings relieving the itch and soothing the inflammation

TEA TREE OIL has been found to have antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities

NOTE: COMFREY tends to knit a wound together quickly, do not use it on a wound that
is so deep that healing the top surface will prevent the under layers from healing properly. Always make sure not to use comfrey over any infection

1 - 2 oz salve tin $8.00 + $2.00 SHIPPING
2 - 2 oz salve tin $16.00 + $3.00 SHIPPING
3 - 2 oz salve tin $24.00 + $3.50 SHIPPING

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