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Handmade Soap

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About Us

Maitri Bath & Body LLC began in 2012. The primary soapmaker is Victoria Spain. We strive to always follow good manufacturing practices in order to produce the highest quality product with the safest and best methods.

We are a proud member of the Soapmaker's Guild.

What is cold-processed soap? Also called "CP Soap," it is a method of creating soap using sodium hydroxide (lye) to saponify oils such as coconut or olive, into soap. "Saponify" merely means to turn something into soap. The end result product contains neither lye nor oils, but is 100% soap.

Store Policies
Our products are natural whenever possible, however may include nuts and/or ingredients manufactured in facilities using nuts.

We do use animal fats in our soap (lard, tallow, etc.), and so our products are not vegan.

A general recommendation is to use all soaps within 6 months of purchase.

As with any new bath product, it is highly recommended to conduct a patch test for allergies.

CP soap is best used with a wire soap dish, to allow proper drainage. Not using a wire soap dish may cause CP soap to melt away more quickly.

Return Policy
Sorry, all sales are final. However if you are dissatisfied with a product, please email us and we will try to make it right.

Shipping Information
USPS flat-rate shipping is used whenever possible. If you would prefer a different carrier, please email us and let us know. We will respond with a quote for the additional shipping charges, if any.

Custom Order Policy
Please email us for any special fragrance/color combos that you would like to request.

Custom orders take 4-6 weeks depending on ingredients requested.

Wholesale Information
We are open to wholesale contracts. Please email us for more information and pricing.

Fundraising Opportunities
We love participating in fundraisers! Please email us for information on pricing.
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