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Welcome to OOH LA LA! - "The Best of the Best"! We are a premiere NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL soap & products company. Our products are handmade from scratch using only the purest, natural ingredients such as coconut, palm, palm kernel, olive, meadow foam, castor oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter & ESSENTIAL OILS THAT ARE DOCUMENTED THROUGHOUT HISTORY AND SOME IN MEDICAL STUDIES FOR THEIR BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES TO IMPROVE OR AID IN CURING PROBLAMATIC SKIN CONDITIONS. Essential Oils are pure undiluted extracts from the mother plant. We do not make products to "smell like a rose and look like a rose" with synthetic additives. Our products are PURE and smell like the wholesome natural ingredients that they are made out of. We quality check, wrap & label each product. Our natural soaps have luxurious, rich, full lather. We use no animal products. YOU WON'T FIND ANY FINER SOAP, HARD LOTION BARS, MASSAGE CANDLES OR BATH BOMB FIZZIES! Chemical-free, PH Balancing, Glycerin naturally retained AND MADE IN THE USA! Please read "About This Store" (on the left tab) to find info on shipping, policies, wholesale, etc. WE MAKE NO IMPLIED MEDICAL OR COSMETIC CLAIMS! If we did, we would have to have each product tested, certified, and lot numbered just as your prescriptions. There is no way financially that we could do this. PLEASE research the benefits of the essential oil or carrier oil/butter on your website search engine (e.g. "Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil", or read about them. Our customer testimonials are just incredible!! They have actually volunteered to take before and after pictures and have offered to be a reference upon request.
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