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Massage Oil Candle

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This is not a candle to make your room smell good. It's a deep, luxurious moisturizer for your skin! It's made from purest shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, nature C soy wax and essential oils. The oil never gets hot enough to burn you - it's just pleasantly warm! The warm oil helps your skin absorb the wonderful moisturizing benefits. Use it while you watch TV and be sure to rub the oil into your cuticles, nails and feet. It contains no parafin. Light the candle until a pool of oil forms from side-to-side, dip your fingers into the oil and glide it over your skin. Pure luxury! Candles can be ordered without a wick upon request. They can be put into the microwave for a quick warm up. The candle lasts quite awhile!

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