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Simply Body Soap Net

Drop your soap into this reusable polymer draw string "wash cloth" that hangs up to dry your soap & make it last longer. The fine resilient net in combination with air & soap provides INSTANT FULLEST LATHER, mildly exfoliates your skin & increases circulation. It deep cleans while eliminating dry surface cells to reveal brighter, healthier skin. Unlike loofahs & scrub mitts that trap soap scum & breed bacteria, this one-of-a-kind net dries quickly after being hung up. You no longer have soap mess in the dish, do not have to use liquid "chemical" soap & you can lather up to look "Frosty the Snow Man"! Be a steward of our earth & stop putting liquid soap bottles in the landfill.

Simply Body Soap Net
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A superior reusable polymer soap bag that contains the soap, exfoliates dead skin cells & helps to improve circulation. The soap net immediately provides robust exploding soap lather! The bag hangs up after each use to keep soap dry for extended use. It totally eliminates soap dish mess. We have a net scrubby for each type of soap that we use and choose each morning which one we will use. This is a Earth friendly Green product. Help to reduce plastic liquid soap bottles in our landfill. Become chemical free in your bath and use natural luxurious soap! If you buy 3 soaps we give you a FREE scrubby soap bag!

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