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Skin Soothing Pet Soap

This soap was formulated to ease the itching that so many of our furry friends have. Many dogs have allergies! If not grass, it is beef, wheat & milk products. I have the best little Shitzu & vet in the world! After putting her on a diet of home-cooked sausage, ground turkey or chicken, white rice & green beens, she has been 100% better!! They need to be bathed frequently with a soap that actually soothes the horrible itching and benefits their skin and coat. The pure, gentle soap is made with natural ingredients as the others, but it also contains oatmeal to sooth and lemon grass & lavender essential oils to repel insects and sooth skin. Finely ground coffee is added to neutralize any doggie smells! :) Ingredients: Purest coconut, palm, palm kernel, olive, castor & canola oils, Lemon Grass & Lavender Essential Oils, finely ground oatmeal & coffee beans.
TIP: Since the soap is make with the highest quality ingredients as our other lines, people can use it too. The coffee is beneficial in helping those with bad body order problems.

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