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Why Buy Handcrafted?
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Why Buy Handcrafted?

  1. When you buy handcrafted soap, you are making a difference. Profits from the products you purchase, go on to support local businesses and individual households. Money does not go onto support unfair labor practices.
  2. Products from Handcrafted Soap Guild members are made using the best ingredients and with a high degree of attention to detail. Since every item is made by hand, they do not try and pass along “seconds” or “inferior” products to the public. They depend on customer satisfaction and word of mouth to grow their businesses.
  3. Handcrafters tend to be environmentally conscientious individuals. They care about going green, ingredient sustainability and recycling. Since their businesses are smaller than large corporations, they can quickly react and make changes that improve the environment.

Local Jobs
Buying handmade supports
local businesses that create
local jobs.

Superior Quality
You simply cannot compare
the quality of handmade to
mass producted products.