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Welcome to Crimson Hill Soapworks! We are your trusted source for handmade, nature-inspired artisan soaps, kids soaps, custom party favors, facial care products, bath & body luxuries, lip balms and more!

We strive to surpass your skin-care expectations by creating luxury, spa-inspired soaps and select bath & body care products that offer skin nutrition by blending natural ingredients with nutrient-rich additives, powders, oils and botanicals.

We pride ourselves on only using top-quality natural ingredients and offering superior customer service. Our goal is to make every customer feel appreciated so they will become a customer for life!

Our specialty is creating custom party favors! Whether you need favors for a baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower, office party or any other event, we are your premier party favor destination. Let's work together to create something unique for your special event!

Visit our website at!

Valentine's Day Candy Heart Soaps

Serenity Natural Luxe Soap

Acne Facial Cream
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