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Herb Garden Design LLC welcomes you to our online retail store for our Herb Garden Soap Brand (TM) of handcrafted small batch healing herb bath and body care products.

Herb Garden Soap produces hand crafted soaps, lip balms, body creams, bug repellent, and massage oils created using vegetable oil bases, herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural coloring agents.

Herb Garden Soap is the creation of Stony Creek, CT resident Carole Barber, who has combined her background as an historian, artist, pastry chef, graphic artist, and entrepreneur to create healthy herbal skin care products that are good for you, and gentle on your skin.

“I truly believe that everything we need to live is provided in our natural environment. I have been a student of herbs and their healing properties my whole life, and even studied ancient herbal remedies while earning my degrees in Archaeology and Theology. My back yard is planted mostly with herbs and flowers which I cultivate and employ for both culinary and herbal health care applications. In creating the soaps and skin care products, I find my Chef’s training, education with food safety, experience creating and adapting recipes and the basic artistic skills needed to be a pastry chef cross over to this more scientific endeavor.” Carole Barber, Soap Maker.

• Hand Crafted Soaps
• Natural skin care products
• Woman owned and operated enterprise
• Hand made in Stony Creek, CT

Herb Garden Design LLC’s product sourcing policy considers sustainable agriculture, fair trade, reduced fossil fuel/carbon foot print, organic certification, and local producers as desirable supplier attributes. We do not use synthetic ingredients, animal products, nor do we employ animal testing*. All ingredients are cross referenced with FDA and industry publications to avoid substances that have known toxicity, carcinogens, and known substantial allergic reactions.

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