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Bath & Shower Soaps

When I first began making soap, I tried all kinds of different combinations. It was great fun to experiment, and was very important in the whole learning process.

As the business grew and more people became involved in it, it was quickly evident to me that I needed to slim down my recipe collection. Feedback from friends, family and customers helped me tremendously in this process.

People always asked if the soap was for the body or the hands or the face. Well, I personally use the same bar on every part of myself and this was confusing at first. Guess what - this is how the big companies have been marketing soap to us for a good long time. So, I am acquiescing in some small ways.

These are my Bath and Shower Soaps. The formula is primarily a good, food-grade olive oil tempered with a bit of edible coconut oil and palm oil. The soap produced creates a good sudsy lather with plenty of cleaning power. It has moisturizing and conditioning properties to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

I use essential oils in scenting them because these are derived directly from the plant and have their own special properties, from anti-inflammatories to antiseptic and anti-fungal actions, to mention a few. Fragrance oils do not have healing properties and are scents only, often made with petroleum distillates which can create so much trouble for so much skin!

Pretty colors are always eye-catching but, again, modern science has been discovering some nasty secrets about some of the dyes we use. After all, there are decades of "guinea pigs" to learn from now - since we have all been so cooperatively applying these artificial colors to our bodies in our soaps and cosmetics! My colors come from plant roots, leaves and flowers, and you know - what has been good enough for Mother Nature for millenia is still good enough me, and you, too!.

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Freckled Dragon is the most popular soap we make, appealing to men and women, young and old alike.

The scent is deep and complex, featuring such exotic-woody-spicy scents as amber, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli and sandalwood with the softening and uplifting florals of rose geranium, lavender and ylangylang.

This soap produces a rich lather with a nice moisturizing quality and the addition of cranberry seeds gently stimulates the skin to increase blood circulation which helps your skin rejuvenate and glow.

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Light a candle and sink into a warm bath with a hot toddy on a chilly autumn evening;
the pungent spice is alluring & mellow.

This soap is excellent for any skin type and therefore can be used as a hand, body or
complexion bar.

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Imagine the sun-drenched gardens of an ancient Eastern palace. Richly carved sandalwood and ivory panels create cool passages among the brilliant stone terraces where ruby and golden roses climb on trellises among creamy, heavily scented jasmine vines. Patchouli flowers waft their spicey signature perfume as you brush past them. Out in the courtyard, the dun cattle roam - their sacred short-haired hides kept clean with rich oils and salts, their horns encircled with precious, colorful flowers.

Cow Manifestation is a rich and haunting scent packed into a richly lathering natural soap that may just widen your world-view today.

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Prepare to enter the mystery of the grove, where renewal is steeped in the wisdom of the ancients...

The sweet Oakmoss scent drifts through the splashing water droplets while rich lather is intoxicated with the deep, woody incantations of Sandalwood - close your eyes, breathe deeply, and you can almost hear the sonorous tones of the ancient priest-protectors of the earth's holy groves, the wood and water of Life.

Anyone can start their day in a Dial-scented world...You can now wake up to and recharge your personal batteries in the perpetual beginning of all things, in the ancient groves.

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A luscious scent in a pretty bar of soap. Perfect for the lady in your household, for the guest bath, or because you want to treat yourself to something pretty today.

Created to pair with our Jasmine Rose Light & Silky Hand & Body Cream, for those who love the summer flowering scents, consider the soap and cream together for a nice gift.

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Using a combination of skin-loving oils in this soap, we have created a bar that has beautifully scented, rich lather that gently cleans and moisturizes your skin.

A soap you'll want to keep for yourself, it is nonetheless pretty enough to show off for guests. The delicate pinks, violets and blues swirled throughout the soap are from natural earth minerals, the same colorants used in natural cosmetics.

Scented with relaxing lavender and spiced up with mint, you'll find this soap has a sophisticated attitude that suits the modern woman: this is not your grandmother's lavender powder puff! For a floral soap, Lavender Bouquet is more enlivening than sweet, relaxing not sedating, and good for your skin as well as your attitude!

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Swirls of deep purple run throughout each bar with the perfect combination of old-fashioned lavender and rose: two scents together that produce feelings of calm and happiness.

Relax after a tough day or start your day on the right foot with luscious lather in a moisturizing, cleansing scented cloud of calm.

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Richly scented and so straight forward. This soap is pure lemongrass: it even gets its luscious rich color from the essential oil.

Choose Lemongrass for its reviving and super-refreshing scent, or choose it for its healing properties as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. Skin flare ups? Try this soap and see how clear and clean your skin can be. Use a gentle exfoliation, like a rough cloth, loofah or nylon bath poof to deep clean those pores.

Use this soap for everyday - it is gentle enough for healthy, happy skin, too: face, body and hands!

Since men and women alike are drawn to this soap, if you are looking for a gift, try Lemongrass.

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Our basic recipe has been tweaked into this beautiful purple, lavender scented soap with Kaolin clay.

The high mineral content of White Kaolin Clay rejuvenates the skin while the clay exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation to the skin.

Kaolin clay in the soapy lather contributes a “slip” to the lather so you can use this soap as a shave cream, too, to keep the razor gliding along for a nick-free shave. It is soothing and moisturizing on the skin so it is perfect for shaving under arms or legs, and makes great all-over body & face soap.

Try it on your tender complexion, too.

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This inspired soap has two enlivening scents and coarsely-ground oats added to make this a great morning soap with lots of lather and lots of cleaning-scrubbing power.
Rosemary and Lemongrass both have analgesic & antibacterial properties as well as long-claimed reputations for clearing your head, waking you up and encouraging a more relaxed attitude as you prepare for the day ahead.

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This soap is formulated to help clean oily skin conditions that may also suffer from clogged pore conditions.

Moroccan Red Clay dries excess oily secretions to pull impurities from the pores.

Palmerosa & Clary Sage essential oils are used to heal acne, eczema and scar tissue.

Calendula disinfects minor wounds and sweet fennel essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

The coarsely ground oats reduce irritation, inflammation and dermatitis.

Add a super lather and the rejuvenating smell of Anise (Sweet Fennel) and you are in for a serious cleaning.

POGO - Patchouli & Tangerine Bar Soap
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The scent is grounded in earthy-woody tones to bring to mind an ancient garden in the un-soaked past ofexotic India.
Bright tangerine brings in a top-note of fresh, new beginnings. No fragrance oils are used—only the dazzling scents of Nature

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There is nothing in this soap.
Well, not really, but "almost" nothing is an honest statement!

Our popular scent-free soap starts with our basic recipe of pure lather for the shower or bath, and adds only oats for skin-conditioning, anti-inflammatory and irritation-reducing properties. It is an excellent face soap as well as all-over-body soap.

If you are looking for a basic, honest soap, this is the one.

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Your morning
shower becomes a rich experience with this simple &
extraordinary soap! Rosemary stimulates the mind while relaxing muscles; green tea is used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties: a clear winner when you need to be your best!

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This coconut oil-base soap cleans hands and bod' with copious lather, lifting dirt and extra oils off your skin.

This is a great refreshing shower soap when you are feeling sweaty and exhausted.

Wakes you up, recharges your battery, leaves you revv'd up and ready for whatever comes your way!.

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This is the only bar I make with this combination of shea butter and coconut oil. It is a hard bar with a great lather and terrific skin conditioning properties.

The sea salt gives this bar an interesting twist, like a refreshing swim in the sea, and, as most of you know, salt is a healer for minor abrasions, skin eruptions, sore muscles and inflammations.

Pink Grapefruit essential oil is reviving and enervating, stimulating circulation and therefore restoring the entire body.

The salt crystals are just abrasive enough to scrub your skin to a gentle tingle if you use the bar directly on your skin. Otherwise, lather up a bath pouf or cloth and luxuriate in the creamy lather.

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Mmmm...warm and sweet and spicy

Walking through the wintry woods in the Adirondacks, it was a special surprise to come upon bright green, leathery leaves poking through the snow. Biting down on a leaf, a most delicious, sweet & refreshing taste filled my mouth: wintergreen. For me, it is a treasured memory of winter.

Now it is a special soap for the season!

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