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Calendula grows in several sunny places in my gardens, so in the early morning, I lift my herb basket down from its hook, get my garden scissors and head down the path to the first clump. Snipping the flowers every day encourages more and more buds, so I fill my basket regularly. The new buds swell and bloom almost as soon as I've collected the full flowers!

This picture was taken in early November, and the last of the bumblebees was having a nice visit in the sepals, posing for an unexpected expose of late season nectaring.

It is important to honor all of the creatures of the earth, and I am always keenly aware that my garden is home to many insects without whom, it would not flourish as it does. I consider this little bee as much a member of our little community as the bungling two-leggeds who try to bring some easy order to it all.

Calendula, also known as Pot Marigold, or Calendula officinalis, is not the same flower we in New England call "marigold". Our "marigold" is Tagetes petula, also called French Marigold.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)is very healing for irritated, inflamed skin. It is used in ointments for abrasions, burns, minor cuts. French Marigold (Tagetes petula) has similar properties, but also boasts anti-fungal properties, so we added it to our Nighty Night Foot Cream in its essential oil form and as a tea.

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This whipped shea butter formula is for intensely dry or injured skin – it immediately liquefies at body temperature so you can just massage it in until you feel the silky change in your skin.

This waterless formula contains no alcohol so your skin can drink in all of its natural healing. There is nothing to dry your skin or evaporate into the air. Re-apply as needed!

The scent has been specially formulated as a balm for the body and the soul: Amyris to relieve tired muscles, pink grapefruit essential oil to heal damaged skin, fir needle to lift the spirits while calming the soul.

Try a massage with this balm: it is a miraculous experience!

Dragon Hand Cream
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Complimenting the fragrance of our Freckled Dragon soap, this light & simple cream will keep you hydrated all day.
No more growling over rough, dragon skin - turn your grrr into purrrr

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Jojoba and sunflower oils are the basis for this light & silky lotion that loves your skin.
Scented with floral waxes of rose and jasmine which also hydrate your skin, this cream is fast-absorbing, highly moisturizing and lightly scented.

Check out our Jasmine Rose Soap, a perfect bath, body and complexion bar. Purchase the cream with a bar of soap to make the perfect gift.

lovely in lavender
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a light & lovely cream
for lavender lovers!

Who loves lavender?
Just about everybody!
This is a simple, soft, smooth cream with a singular scent: lavender. In a complicated world, we can still rejoice in simple pleasures. Lavender is calming, healing, soothes aches, dissipates tensions, releases headaches and just smells so good!

nighty night cream
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This is a super-rich cream with lavender and french marigold is designed especially to be a part of your bed-time foot ritual, but rest-assured, it can double as a hand & cuticle cream as well...
especially when your hands are exposed to harsh and drying conditions: weather, chemicals, hot water.

The beeswax and lanolin form a protective barrier on the skin and the lavender creates an antibacterial environment to aid natural healing.
We add a drop of french marigold which is classified as a fungicide and antiparasitic. Herbalists indicate it for athlete's foot and ringworm. (Not to be used on pregnant women and children)

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AN unscented light and silky body or face cream.

This sunflower & almond oil cream is light, fast-absorbing and free of added scent or color. Use it on sensitive skin like your face and neck, or on your hands, feet, elbows, or all over your body. A great cuticle cream, too

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Thick & rich, it smooths lightly onto your skin, disappearing into deeper skin layers to nourish & soften rough skin.
Use this butter after a morning shower. Keep a jar at work so you can apply it after using harsh, commercial soaps found in most places of business.

Orange essential oil is reputed to repair aging skin cells, restoring elasticity and enabling cells to more easily carry on with their natural functioning. Shea butter is a non-greasy moisturizer prized for its ability to nourish skin deely. nourishing effects.

Since your favorite perfume probably has a citrus note in it, you can use this butter knowing it won't clash. The rich orange scent blends naturally - as though someone actually put some thought in it! (hmmm.

pogo hand & body cream
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"Pogo" is our Patchouli and Tangerine scent.

Welcome to Pogo - named in honor of the humble plant, Pogostemon cablin, who gives its sultry and exotic scent to the world. Given a playmate of sparkly tangerine, this amazing & simple scent is deep & complex.

Find your spiritual center in a heartbeat amid the chaos of modern living.

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Creamy smooth and easy to apply, the scent lifts your spirits, re-starts the brain and clears the sinuses, if necessary!

Use this cream periodically throughout your day to keep your hands and cuticles hydrated, as well as for its afternoon “brain boost” scent.

Try massaging this lightly tingling cream into sore muscles to relieve aches and pains. The scent on your skin will mellow to cocoa butter & shea.

Sandalwood & Frankincense Light Body Cream
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This light cream blend absorbs quickly and moisturizes deeply. The scent is woody with medium floral, spicy notes and is almost exotic but very definitely grounding, and very definitely sandalwood.

Both Amyris (sustainable sandalwood) and frankincense promote relaxation and calm, and are very alluring. People fall in love with this cream and wear it - use it - all the time.

Find your inner guru

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We call it "UnBody"!

The perfect after sun cream for deep healing of the skin you maybe shoulda not have left out in the hot sun!

This rich cream with shea and sweet almond oil absorbs readily into dry skin leaving a silky, soft texture. Use it regularly on your face and hands to stay hydrated in the dry winter months and the burning summer months. It is an excellent face cream as well as body butter. You can slather it all over as soon as you finish bathing, or apply as necessary through out the day.

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We call this cream a repair kit for severely damaged
and chapped hands because it is loaded with healing herbs in plant oils that gently hydrate and nourish damaged skin.

Rich and thick, our cream takes a few minutes to absorb into those poor hands of yours because it is working its natural magic of healing herbs & oils deeply into your skin.
There is nothing here with unpronounceable chemical names, no recently discovered cure-all from the sperm of killer whales or the placenta of unborn giraffes! You have heard of everything in here - you may even grow some of the plants!

"Working Hands" is naturally antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, antioxidant, and naturally healing. Use it on any irritated, chapped, dry, troubled skin!

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