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Bug Repellent, Naturally

Okay, listen, I love everything that is natural - and I even know there is a place in the cosmos for bat food!

Dragonfly larvae love mosquito eggs and purple martins enjoy a flying supper of them, so mosquitoes are definitely in the natural order of things. Mosquitoes have been here for some 80 million years!

It's pretty clear they know how to manage survival in a changing climate!

It's also pretty clear that they practice some pretty nasty and pesky habits - like the way they carry disease from victim to victim!

So, it is clear that we don't want mosquitoes around.

It is also clearer than ever that we don't want nasty pesticides around, either. Why kill everything else in the bug world to keep us "safe - especially when other bugs eat the eggs and larvae?

Pesticides show up in the water we drink and the food we eat, and we willingly apply it to our skin??? I don't think so! Not when we have options!

So, to keep your summer evenings "slap-free" and the pesky habit of the mosquito at bay, I encourage you to carry my Bug Me Not spray with you during the "Season of the Bug". It is natural, doesn't poison food, water or bugs, and it works!

At the same time, be sure to discourage obvious places mosquitoes will lay eggs. The bugs that eat them will find them in the places you don't think of. Build a Purple Martin house, or set up a Bat House (to keep them out of the attic!).

Bug Me Not! It smells good, feels nice, and works.

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An essential oil blend mixed with Connecticut-harvested-and-processed Witch hazel for a skin-caring spray that mosquitoes don’t like but you will.

This repellant is light, fresh-smelling, refreshing on your skin and the witch hazel base is actually good for your skin. It is soothing and acts as an anti-inflammatory. After all, don't we usually wait until the first bug bites before we remember to get out the bug repellant?

We spray our dogs on the back of their heads and haunches to keep those pesky bugs away from them, too. Keeps deer flies at bay; mosquitoes & gnats stay away.

Contains no DEET, no petrochemicals, no

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