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Massage Oils

"purr-effect" massage oil
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Lavender & Rosemary

Simple and elegant does the job:

Silky jojoba oil, light sunflower oil and extra-virgin olive oil allow massaging hands to glide and rub out the aches while lavender calms the soul and rosemary regenerates the spirit. Oh, did I mention it's organic? Lovely!


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Balm of the Woodland Elves
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This whipped shea butter formula is an amazing massage butter, a super treatment for extra-dry skin and a first-aid kit for rough, itchy patches!

It immediately liquefies at body temperature so you can just massage it in … or have someone else give you a massage!

The scent takes you to a deep green glade of pines with a hint of rich sandalwood and flowering fruit trees:

sandalwood to relieve tired muscles, pink grapefruit heals damaged skin, and fir needle lifts the spirits while calming the soul.

You may fall under the spell of this balm - from the scent to the feel of it on your skin to the place it takes you spiritually.

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