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Iron Horse Men's Line

Our "Iron Horse" line was conceived, developed, made and tested by a man for men and their particular needs in this modern life.

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Gentle, moisturizing soap with good lather for any skin type. Sea clay adds "slip" for your razor for smoother and closer shave.

This nice, woodsy-smelling shaving lather for men. With clay added to keep the razor gliding along for a nick-free shave, the soap is soothing and moisturizing on the skin, the lather full and long-lasting. Why add aerosol cans to the waste stream and rub chemicals on your face when all you need is a good natural soap with some clay in it ?

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Men love the scent of this soap! It is herbal, piney and woody and a warm brown color. This soap is well balanced with the copious lather he loves, and is enhanced with the healing power of pure herbs.

It is an excellent general purpose soap, but if he has skin irritations, this will help clear them up. My customers report that it helps relieve itchy, red, scaly and dry skin. Comfrey root has long been used to heal wounds, rosemary can treat eczema and clary sage addresses infections and inflammation. All have antibacterial properties and work together in this soap for sensitive skin

Four Pack of Sexy Soaps
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Can't find the right thing for the guy in your life? Let him pick his own favorite by giving him a choice (and you can keep the ones he doesn't choose - he'll love you for that, too!)

Pogo, Cow Manifestation, Druids Grove and Freckled Dragon are sexy, earthy masculine scents.

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