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For this holiday season, Herb Garden Naturals is offering all of our loyal customers a special coupon.

Receive $10 off your order if you spend at least $40.

Enter the following coupon code in the indicated space when you are checking out: HOL2013

Christmas Stocking Stuffers! Half Bars for only $1
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We have perfect, half bars of soap that were meant for another project which fell through - and we were left holding the soap!

Then we had an idea: why not offer them at 'cost' to you as a perfect stocking stuffer!

We have our two most popular scents:
Freckled Dragon
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Lavender Rose
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(I am trying to get these links to work - waiting for help from the web designers! Both soaps are listed under "Bath and Shower Soaps")

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For the holidays, any holiday, why not send someone this special and colorful package of six soaps for only $24.75. We will randomly choose six soaps and package them as shown, then ship them out to you as soon as your Paypal payment reaches us.

This is an easy way to introduce our great products to friends and family without having to agonize over which soaps to choose.
Send an assortment of three 2 oz fresh, hand-crafted creams, too, for only $18.75.

If you have a preference of cream or soap, please indicate this by sending us special instructions via email. We will accommodate as best we can.

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The Gardener's Gift is the perfect present for the person in your life who enjoys working with flower beds, herb gardens and veggies of the earth!

After a day of getting down and dirty, scrub off using my Green Thumb Bar Soap which is loaded with dirt-lifting coconut oils and cornmeal for gently releasing ground-in dirt.

If you need a little more scrub around the fingernails, I found a wonderful brush, made in America with natural plant bristles embedded in a wooden handle: tough and gentle and long-lasting.

Follow up with Working Hands Cream-formulated by my husband whose hands work hard!- loaded with whole herbs, shea and jojoba to nourish your loving hands deep down!

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Add this item to your shopping cart if you would like your order gift-wrapped.

Please provide the recipient's address in the "comments" section and we will send it directly to them. We will need your address information for the billing process.

We'll include a note, too, if you'd like!

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Your favorite scented soap now has a lusciously silky cream to keep you smooth and smelling great all day!

Dragon Hand Cream comes in 3 sizes (2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz)and can be used anywhere you need the power of a dragon to restore your footing in the world.

This special pack pairs Freckled Dragon Soap with Dragon Cream and makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

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This gift pack is perfect for the woman in your life who loves the scent of a summer garden.

If you'd like this gift-packed for the holidays, we will include a Personal Pouf and UnLips Lip Balm, wrap it in a clear plastic bag and bedeck it with ribbons.

Jasmine Rose Light & Silky Body Cream
Jasmine Rose Bar Soap

Jojoba and coconut oil combine with the lightest sunflower and sweet almond oils to create this light & silky lotion that loves your skin. It is fast-absorbing, highly moisturizing and lightly scented with the intoxicating smells of a summer evening under the rose& jasmine trellis.

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Exotic, spiritual & grounding - that's how I describe these scents. Perfect any time of the year but particularly as the sun's light slants lower through the trees and we return to the shorter days of the earth's cycle.

Sandalwood & Frankincense cream, Druid's Grove Soap (oakmoss and sandalwood), with a bathing pouf and Melissa Lip balm (made with wild-crafted lemon balm, shea butter and beeswax - an amazing lip healer).

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Get ready for a fresh and revitalized day!
After a vigorous shower with our all-natural Rosemary Mint Shower Soap, rub down with our exhilarating Rosemary Mint Refresher Cream. It helps ease minor muscle aches, moisturizes your skin and revives your sense.

Rosemary Mint Refresher Cream
Rosemary Mint Shower Bar Soap

Your shower will be a rich experience with this simple and extraordinary soap. Rosemary Mint Shower Bar is uplifting yet calming, naturally antibacterial and good for healing many skin conditions naturally.

Rosemary Mint Refresher cream lifts your spirits, re-starts your brain and clears your sinuses!

This is a winner for men and women alike.

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Here's the gift for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet or in tight shoes!

Treat Your Feet!
First, a Lavender Oat Foot Soak in warm water,
then a gentle scrub with our Sea Salt and Pink Grapefruit Sheabutter Soap,
now pat them dry and rub in our amazing Nighty Night Lavender Shea Cream with French Marigold!

(French Marigold has abundant anti-fungal properties to keep those tootsies smiling!)

For extra scrubbing, pick up one of ourTorrington Brush All-Natural Foot Brushes made with plant bristles with an easy-to-grasp wooden handle. It is listed on our Special Accessories page.

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Do you - or someone you love - tend to tangle with poison ivy and mosquitoes? This is the gift pack for you!

There is no other product on the market like our Jewelweed Juice. Handcrafted from wild-crafted plants at the peak of their power, this juice is applied before contact or immediately after to release poison ivy's urushiol from bonding to your skin and causing a reaction.

All-natural ingredients make our Bug Me Not bug repellent so safe and effective that you spray it directly on your skin. Never greasy, contains no cancer-causing chemicals: just the stuff bugs turn up their noses at!

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You know exactly who wants this very special gift...the person who is always there to fix the leaky faucet, or change the oil in the car, or clean up the gardens.

A huge 1/2 pound bar of Black Walnut Soap that cleans everything you get your hands into, plus 2 oz jar of Working Hands Cream to heal the wounds of the hard worker, a Torrington Brush Company Nailbrush (with all-natural plant bristles and a wooden handle) - this is the best gift to give the hands who do so much of the heavy work in your family!

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