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About Us

Herb Garden Soaps is the creation of Stony Creek, CT resident Carole Barber, who has combined her background as an historian, artist, pastry chef, graphic artist, and entrepreneur to create healthy herbal skin care products that are good for you, and gentle on your skin.

“I truly believe that everything we need to live is provided in our natural environment. I have been a student of herbs and their healing properties my whole life, and even studied ancient herbal remedies while earning my degrees in Archaeology and Theology. My back yard is planted mostly with herbs and flowers which I cultivate and employ for both culinary and herbal health care applications. In creating the soaps and skin care products, I find my Chef’s training, education with food safety, experience creating and adapting recipes and the basic artistic skills needed to be a pastry chef cross over to this more scientific endeavor.” Carole Barber, Soap Maker.

• Hand Crafted Soaps
• Natural skin care products
• Woman owned and operated enterprise
• Hand made in Stony Creek, CT

Herb Garden Design LLC’s product sourcing policy considers sustainable agriculture, fair trade, reduced fossil fuel/carbon foot print, organic certification, and local producers as desirable supplier attributes. We do not use synthetic ingredients, animal products, nor do we employ animal testing*. All ingredients are cross referenced with FDA and industry publications to avoid substances that have known toxicity, carcinogens, and known substantial allergic reactions.

Did you know…?

Hey, what’s with the Latin? [Rosemarinus Oleoresin Extract (Rosemary Oil)>The FDA is coordinating cosmetic ingredient labeling with other world regulators, primarily in Asia and Europe. This effort will go a long way towards eliminating hidden ingredients, and misidentified products, and help folks with allergies avoid what ails them. The International Cosmetic Ingredients dictionary (INCI) is the prescribed source for the proper name of the ingredient, and there is where the requirement for the Latin plant name comes from. On our labels, we put the familiar common name in parenthesis as an aid for you to help identify our ingredients. Don’t shy away from the complicated names of ingredients, it actually helps to keep labels honest! We promise not to put anything unnatural, unnecessary, or unwanted in our products. If you need more info about a specific ingredient, feel free to inquire at

Honest disclosure: I do test products on my husband and my family, and they are part of the kingdom animalia, mostly. However, I still claim “cruelty free”!?

Copyright 2011, Herb Garden Design LLC dba/Herb Garden Soaps Stony Creek, CT 203-885-7627

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Store Policies
Our policy is to guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, please email us.

Return Policy
Unused product may be returned with only one question asked: "how can we make it better?" Please email your reason for the return, and we will promptly issue a return authorization and arrange for a refund of your purchase price.

Shipping Information
Want it gift wrapped? Add $5.00 to the shipping cost. Gift Baskets are custom quoted. Please check out our Special Gift Suggestion page for ideas we've put together for you.

We are using the US Post Office for all of our shipping, taking advantage of their on-line service which will send e-mail notifications as soon as the package is shipped.

Please let us know if you are in a hurry, or if this is a gift.

Other items and quantities will be quoted via email before your account is charged.

Custom Order Policy
Custom orders gladly accepted. We will email a quote and lead time.

Wholesale Information
HGD supplies natural food stores, gift shops, fair vendors, B&B establishments, spas, and grocery stores with bar soap, face creams, lip balms, and bug repellent. Please send an email and we will provide product information, sales literature, and pricing. Private labeling available.

Fundraising Opportunities
HGD supplies not-for-profit fund raising campaigns with free literature, samples, order forms, and shipping. Please send an inquiring email for details.
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