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Welcome to Island Soap House, thank you for visiting our website!

We invite you to experience the refreshing and exhilarating scents and feel of the Islands of The Bahamas. At Island Soap House, we take pride in creating quality handmade bath and body products using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients; some of which are native to the Bahama Islands.

Centuries ago, famous explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, searched far and wide for a ‘Fountain of Youth’. Now, Island Soap House unveils its unique gems of paradise from its ‘fountain of beauty'. A luxurious line of natural blends of pure ingredients, combined with healing waters of the islands.

Our complete line of affordable bath and body care essentials will cleanse, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. They are pure and gentle, perfect for everyday use by the entire family.

At Island Soap House, we believe in using only pure, quality oils and butters; no harmful chemical additives or preservatives. We offer natural, organic bath and body essentials of the finest quality, complete with bio-degradable packaging and labeling to ensure minimal carbon footprint on our environment.

Thank you for visiting, please enjoy your stay and do visit us again soon!

Island Essentials - Moisturize, revitalize and heal your skin with Island Soap House’s organic line of island essentials. Made from the purest all natural and organic ingredients, our products will help you to maintain your skin’s healthy, youthful glow!

Try our organic, all natural line of body cleansing bars and pamper your skin with rich lather and decadent moisture. Wonderful for all skin types and gentle enough for use every day.

Skin Desserts – Pamper and indulge your skin daily with Island Soap House’s skin desserts, sweet skin loving goodness.
Experience the luxurious feel and fragrances of our cupcakes soaps, bubble bath fizzies and truffles, rich body frostings and sooo much more. Your skin will love you for it!

Moisturizing Body Essentials - Your skin deserves the very best nourishment and care. At Island Soap House, we believe in providing quality bath and body care products that moisturize, heal and pamper you and your skin. Try some of our body milks, frostings, polishes and balms today and bring out the best in your skin!
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