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Welcome to SkinZen by Kim! Here you can find and purchase delicately handcrafted artisan soaps and body butters from a small local Tallahassee business. Combining high quality, beautiful scent, entrancing colors and unique designs, these products are sure to beguile, but their effect on your skin is what will keep you coming back! Once having experienced the benefits and pleasures of bathing with a natural handmade soap and moisturizing with a natural handmade body butter, I am confident that you will never go back to using commercial bath and body products again!

SkinZen by Kim was born out of the need for a creative outlet by its founder. The process of learning and then perfecting the craft of soapmaking provided me with a sense of joy and peace that I could only describe as quite simply 'Zen-like', hence the name SkinZen. Soaping brings me not only balance, but immense pleasure too, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it with others.

SkinZen is therefore dedicated to making a skin enhancing product that provides both function and pleasure to its customers, offering the perfect blend of science and art ~ practical, useful and beautiful.

The Tallahassee Downtown Market is the perfect showcase for my soaps. If you're local, please come and visit me there on Saturdays, March through November from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.


One of the many great aspects of soapmaking is the freedom to customize nearly every part of the recipe. From the colors to the design to the fragrance, there are endless variations ~ and each one is a piece of a art!
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