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THE MAINE HOMESTEAD would like to thank you for visiting our online store. We offer high quality, natural and organic bath, body and home-care products. Our soaps are homemade from scratch in small batches. We never use pre-made or melt and pour bases. The traditional cold process method is used, ensuring that our soaps are smooth, high in glycerin and essential fatty acids. All of our soaps are made with vegetable oils, never animal fats, so most are vegan-friendly. (Exceptions are the milk based soaps, or soaps that contain honey.) Our products are naturally colored using carefully selected, highest quality herbs, spices, clays or seeds...never synthetic dyes. They are scented with pure essential oils only, since fragrance oils are synthetic and may contain phalates or other unwanted chemicals. The packaging we use is recycled and recyclable. We are committed to our customers and would love to hear from you. Please contact us anytime with comments or suggestions. To learn more, please
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***Please note: Many new products are being added. Please check back often, and if there is something you would like that you don't see here, please feel free to contact us.***

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