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Great Lakes Stripe
Soap makes you clean, but not without water. All proceeds from the Great Lakes Stripe bars will go to efforts to get water to Detroit residents who have had their water shut off, both temporarily and permanently. Buy two bars and your whole order ships free - just select Local Pickup at checkout, and type the shipping address in the comments.

About Upstream Soap Company
Upstream Soap Company was founded in 2013 in a galley kitchen in St. Paul, MN, with the intention of creating beautiful, functional soap for good upstream citizens. Good upstream citizens take an interest in the well-being of ecosystems downstream, and for many people, that begins with personal care products like soap. Think about it - you buy soap specifically for washing right down the drain! For that reason, Upstream Soaps are usually created with mineral or botanical colorants, and you'll never see an Upstream Soap with a fragrance that can't be identified. Upstream also means considering where our ingredients come from, purchasing locally when possible, and always choosing palm oil from RSPO suppliers.
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